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Causes of attachment and aversion

Causes of attachment and aversion

रागस्स हेउं समणुमाहु,
दोसस्स हेउं अमणुमाहु

Attractive words etc. are the reason of attachment and repulsive are objects of aversion

Sound, shape, taste, smell and touch – these five are the causes of attachment and even aversion.

We like mild, praiseworthy words and dislike rude words of criticism. Beautiful form is liked and deformed is not; tongue always longs for delicacies and hates bitter tasteless food. Nose is fond of fragrant flowers, scents etc., foul smelling things are disliked; skin likes touching soft and cold things and wants to keep away from hard and hot things; touch of such objects gives pain.

The purpose of this is only that attachment is developed for the persons or things through which we acquire beautiful or attractive things and aversion is generated towards those who provide us repulsive things.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 32/36

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