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इत्थ मोहे पुणो पुणो सा,
नो हव्वाए नो पाराए

Attached person neither lives here, nor there

World is transitory. Its all things are impermanent, unstable; hence, things of sense gratifications are also like that and attracted to them living beings wander here and there.

Even after doing very hard work, in trying to procure wanted things, what do they get ultimately? Pleasure derived from them is momentary but the struggle is done for long time. Then why should we get attached to such things which satiate our senses? At least the wise men think this way only. They themselves remain aloof from attachment and preach others to remain away from them.

An attached person neither enjoys here or anywhere else. He remains dipped in the worldly sea and experiences pain. How painful is this attachment!

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/2

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