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Attachment of the un-restraints

Attachment of the un restraints

मोहं जंति नरा असंवुडा

Un-restraints are attached

Those who are un-restrained, who cannot control their senses, who cannot control their mind, they are attracted towards sense objects very fast.

This attraction towards objects of senses obstructs fulfillment of their duty, impedes their progress, disturbs their good conduct, but they are unable to resist such temptations.

Un-restrained people continue to bind karma and wander in the world. They cannot get liberated until they understand the importance of restraint and restrain themselves.

Restrained men are not allured by temporary pleasures. Compared to inner happiness they treat these pleasures as worthless. Un-restrained only get immediately attracted towards sense-objects.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/1/20

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