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Violence is the basis of Karma

Violence is the basis of Karma

कम्ममूलं च जं छणं

‘Chana’ word is made of those roots, which mean violence. As it is this word has many meanings – fourth part of blinking act, festival, opportunity etc; but in this verse, its appropriate meaning seems to be violence.

Violence is the foundation of Karma like compassion is the basis of religion. If non-violence, restraint, penance are considered as the best religion; then, violence, unrestraint and penance with ill motives must be regarded as Karma. Religion is opposite to karma.

Practitioners of religion keep themselves away from Karma bondage and hence keep themselves shielded from violence, causing pain or killing living beings because violence has no relation with religion. It is well known that religion is related to non-violence.

Enlightened have clearly proclaimed that the foundation of religion is non-violence and the basis of Karma is violence.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/1

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