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Who is ignorant ?

Who is ignorant ?

बालो पापेहिं मिज्जति

Ignorant boasts of his sins

Deeds are of two kinds – good and bad. Good deeds are called ‘punya’ and the bad deeds are called ‘papa’.

Many people commit sins under duress, knowingly or unknowingly, because of circumstances but then they repent for their actions and feel ashamed. They resolve not to repeat the same again. They bear the punishment of their actions gladly.

One who realizes his mistakes, does not hide, accepts the same, improvement is possible in his life. Slowly he can become pure.

There are people who do not accept their mistakes as mistakes and try to rationalize the same, fool others, deceive them and feel great. Those who take pride in their sins are ignorant.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/2/21

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