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Do not get angry

Do not get angry

वुच्चमाणो न संजले

Even if someone were to abuse an aspirant, he should not get angry.

Knowingly, unknowingly man makes mistakes. We do not know our own mistakes; therefore, we need ‘gurudeva’in our life. Because of their kindness, with a purpose of reforming us, they tell us our mistakes. If we continue to rectify our mistakes, one by one, with humility and as per their guidance, then our life will progressively become purer and purer. Guru expects this only from a humble disciple.

However, some disciples are such that they get unhappy when told of their mistakes. If sometimes, they are admonished, they feel humiliated. Mentally disturbed, they think they were much better in family life; why have they been stuck in this bothersome restrained sadhu life! The past life was better than this. Life of such disciples can never be improved.

Therefore, it is said that an humble disciple should remain quiet even when admonished, and not be angry.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/6/31

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