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The Obstinate Pony

The Obstinate Pony

मा गलियस्सेव कसं, वयणमिच्छे पुणो पुणो

Do not expect repeated instructions from the Guru for fulfilling your duties like an obstinate pony who requires repeated beating

A disciple’s dignity requires that he performs instructed daffy duties everyday with his own initiative without expecting instructions. Wise and humble disciples do likewise and earn a place in the heart of their guru.

Contrary to this, such of those disciples who are indiscreet, immodest, they are to be instructed daffy for routine chores also. They do not rise in guru’s esteem. They displease their guru with their folly.

Such disciples can be compared to an obstinate pony because such a pony moves only a little ahead after being beaten and then stands still; he again requires beatings to move ahead. Thus, to make him move forward he is repeatedly beaten.

It is said that disciples must not behave like an obstinate pony.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/12

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