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Blood stains cannot be washed with blood

Blood stains cannot be washed with blood

रुहिरकयस्स वत्थस्स रुहिरेणं चेव
पक्खालिज्जमाणस्स णत्थि सोही

Blood smeared cloth be washed only with blood, then it is not washed cleanly.

Fire cannot be extinguished with fire. If a dog were to bite us then its remedy cannot be that we also bite the dog. Similarly, we cannot repay abuse with abuse and exchange blows with blows.

All of us know this very well that anger cannot be mollified with anger. If someone were angry then our getting irritated, angry will make him even more aggressive – what to talk about anger getting subsided?

On the strength of calmness, forbearance and love only we can placate others anger.

Same thing can be said about fight or murder also for which anger only is the cause. In such situations, special efforts of love, sympathy and fortitude would have to be applied. The aspirant who passes this examination, only can inspire others.

He knows that fight is not the remedy of fight – blood stains cannot be washed with blood.

- Jnatadharma Katha 1/5

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