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Who is not an Ascetic?

Who is not an Ascetic?

अच्छंदा जे न भुंजंति, न से चाइ त्ति वुच्चई

They cannot be called ascetics who cannot enjoy because of dependence

Just imagine – two people having hundred rupees each. Out of who one donates fifty rupees and the other loses, somewhere. This way money remaining with both of them is fifty rupees only. However, the first will be called a donor, not the second. Why so? Because, the first parted intentionally; for the second it was unintentional.

Let us consider another example. One does not have money to buy food and the other has plenty to spare for his food and sweets too; but he has observed fast. Both are hungry; still, one is hungry because of his helplessness and the other voluntarily. Therefore, other man only will be called man of penence, not the first.

These two illustrations show that one who renounces objects of senses on his own only is a true ascetic; he cannot be called an ascetic who is not able to enjoy because of non-availability of consumable items.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 2/2

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