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Infatuation only is accumulation

Infatuation only is accumulation

मुच्छा परिग्गहो वुत्तो

Infatuation only is called accumulation (parigraha)

Infatuation or attachment only is accumulation (parigraha). What all surrounds us from all sides is not called parigraha; but the thing, which we consider as our own means and that on which our attachment is aroused, that only is called parigraha.

Unattached Lord Mahavirswami spoke of three types of parigraha: attachment to means, karma and body.

For the aspirant who has taken a vow of non-accumulation, total renunciation of accumulation is neither necessary, nor it is possible. Omniscient Arihantas also are attached with four karma and the body exists until the last breath. Only liberated are totally devoid of attachment.

Still, the aspirant takes a vow, an oath for total renunciation. It only means to limit the means, forsaking of destructive karma and not at all be infatuated by the means, karma and body because infatuation or affection only is termed as parigraha.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 6/21

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