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Speak not what provokes quarrel

Speak not what provokes quarrel

न य विग्गहियं कहं कहिज्जा

Quarrel provoking speech should not be used

Many people have a habit of creating strife based on hearsay. Sometimes, they add their own spicy opinions and present a small happening as big, make a mountain of a mole etc.

Mixing unwarranted talk, they create dissension between two people, families or countries and then watch the fun of quarrel from a distance. People fight with each other, criticize, shout and hearing all this they enjoy.

This is a bad habit. If we make others quarrel, then others also can make us quarrel. If by creating conflict, we disturb the peace of others’ families, then they can also, similarly, spoil our family’s peace. As a result, unrest can spread throughout the world -entire world can get engulfed in the fire of dissension.

With this thought only in mind, experienced men have advised that quarrel provoking speech should not be used.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 10/10

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