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Speak not laughingly

Speak not laughingly

न हासमाणो वि गिरं वएज्जा

One should nor speak laughingly

Speaking while laughing or laughing while speaking is a bad habit, bad manners; amongst many signs, a sign of stupidity.

Why has this been termed as stupidity? Thinking over, we understand that the objective of that time is to make others laugh. Words are not pronounced properly while speaking laughingly. Without proper pronunciation, listener is not able to understand anything. They are not able to understand the inclination of the speaker. Seeing the speaker laughing, they may well laugh along with him but not being able to understand fully, they are not able to really laugh with him. Thus, the purpose of such speech is lost. Therefore, every wise man must keep away from such folly; avoid such incivility.

Imagine that to make others laugh we want to narrate a small story or tell a joke or recite a hilarious poem; then we should first speak and then laugh or first laugh then speak. Never should we speak while laughing or laugh while speaking.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 7/54

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  1. Ramesh Patel
    Jul 16, 2013 #

    Please inform me if any book is available containing all this posts in hindi.

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