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Do not speak in between

Do not speak in between

राइणियस्स भासमाणस्स वा
वियागरेमाणस्स वा नो अन्तरा भासं भासिज्ज

When elders (gurus) are speaking, preaching, then we should not speak in between

Virtue only is a real gem, not the shining stones. For those who are more qualified than us, ‘ratna’ (gem) word is used in the scriptures. When gurus who are more qualified are speaking, discussing or preaching then it is the duty of a humble disciple that he does not speak in-between.

Civility requires that until the speaker has finished his presentation, we should keep silent. We should listen to him first and then only we should open our mouth. Among the rules prescribed for guru’s veneration, this particular rule should be obeyed more strictly.

Many people develop a bad habit of speaking in-between. Intelligent people keep away from this tendency.

Advising those who are plagued with such habit, it has been said,” Do not speak in-between when the wise men are speaking.”

- Acaranga Sutra 2/3/3

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