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Do not get irritated

Do not get irritated

थोवं लद्धुं न खिंसए

Do not get irritated at getting less

Question – Is it better not to get anything or to get something? Then you will get the answer, ‘It is better to get something;’ but some people are such that they do not like to accept anything in piece or part. They want the thing in full; therefore, they are unhappy at getting anything in parts. This maxim is for the education of such people.

In 1947 Englishmen gave independence to India by dividing it into two. That time, those gentlemen who believed in ‘one India’ they were very unhappy; but by paying attention to their plea of undivided India, if partition was not accepted, then wouldn’t have India been still in shackles!

It should be our policy that we should accept what is offered and continue to try to get the remaining. Thus, slowly one day we may get that fully. Again, contentment is also a virtue. Going for alms sadhu-sadhvis must feel contented with whatever they get. They should not get irritated at the donor even if they get insufficient.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/26

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