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Otherwise No Moksha

Otherwise No Moksha

कडाण कम्माण न अत्थि मोक्खो

Liberation is not possible without reaping the consequences of your actions

What will happen to the one who keeps his fingers on the lighted lamp? He will feel the heat and his fingers would start burning. After this feeling, even if his fingers are removed from the lighted lamp his pain will continue for some more days.

Same thing can be said about karma. If someone does something, then his soul is bonded with karma which can be auspicious or inauspicious. Chain binds whether made of gold or iron. One who is chained, he is freed only after a fixed period; until then he suffers. Similarly, the bondage of good or bad karma is for a fixed period and until it is over one has to experience its effects, whether he likes it or not.

If there is bondage of auspicious or inauspicious karma, then one has to necessarily face their consequences. Karma may not be bonded for future; still fruits of what has been done in the past would have to be experienced. Without that, liberation is not possible.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 4/3

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