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Liberation (moksha) and freedom (nirvana)

Liberation (moksha) and freedom (nirvana)

अगुणिस्स नत्थि मोक्खो,
नत्थि अमोक्खस्स निव्वाणं

Moksha is not attained in absence of attributes and freedom is not attained in absence of moksha

If someone commits a crime then it should be believed that he has some mental problem; there is deficiency in his conduct.

Criminal is punished by the state, society and by his soul also. To escape from this punishment he would have to avoid the crime. Mental health only is the remedy to become free from crime. Mental health is related to good conduct and good conduct is related to goodness.

That man who is devoid of good qualities, cannot attain moksha i.e. he cannot be free from sufferings.

One who has not got rid of sufferings, he will always be worrisome i.e. will be infested with ill intentions and freedom will remain away from him. Moksha is necessary to attain supreme peace (nirvana). To obtain moksha good qualities have to be given a place in life because unqualified people cannot get moksha and dependent cannot get liberated.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 28/30

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  1. Jashvant Shah
    Mar 4, 2013 #

    Jai jinendra. Iwill be highly obliged, if you can make the difference between Moksha and Nirvan clear. Thanks.

  2. Jashvant Shah
    Mar 5, 2013 #

    Jai jinendra. In continuation of my question regarding the difference between Liberation – Moksha and Freedom – Nirvan ,I feel here the difference cited in this sutra ( Uttara.Sutra 28/30 )is the difference between the two states of the Soul- Atma. One is Arihant or Kevali and the other is Siddha. Arihant or Kevali has totally stopped the influx of Karma,so there is no new bondage of Karma.That Soul is not going to accumulate new Karma.So there will be no new karma.Even though he has got rid of all the Ghatia Karmas,but has not got rid of Aghatia Karma.As per Karma theory of Jain Darshan,that soul is still left with 85 Karmaprakrity. When all these are got rid of,the Soul attains Nirvan or becomes Siddha.

  3. asha doshi
    Aug 20, 2016 #

    Whois first mox in Dharmnath bhagvan please anser in bird.animal.or tiraynch.

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