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Experience of Detachment

Experience of Detachment

तण्हा हया जस्स न होइ लोहो,
लोहो हओ जस्स न किंचणाइ

One who is not greedy, his desires are eliminated and he who is desireless, his greed is eliminated

Kincana means something. The one, who understands that in this world, there is nothing that belongs to him, who thinks that when he takes birth, he never brings anything with him and after the death, nothing will go with him – all the wealth, land, home etc., will be left behind. One who knows that barring the soul every thing is perishable, momentary, one who is attached to nothing is called Akincana.

That person cannot be greedy whose greed has been destroyed forever. That means he is Akincana.

Thinking ahead, the learned persons say that one who is not greedy; who is not interested in multiplying his property, who does not indulge in unnecessary acquisitions, his avariciousness is destroyed.

Thus, removal of greed is necessary for overcoming of desire and experience of detachment to desire in one’s mind is necessary for removal of greed.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 32/8

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  1. rima
    Nov 21, 2011 #

    very true n ultimate

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