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Detachment and self-dependence

Detachment and self dependence

पोक्खरपत्तं इव निरुवलेवे,
आगासं चेव निरवलंबे

An aspirant must be unattached as the lotus leaf and independent as the sky

Lotus is born in the water and grows there only but water drop does not affect it, does not get attached. Like the lotus which lives in water yet is not affected by it; similarly, Sadhu though living in the world remains always unaffected, unattached.

Like the sky that exists without any foundation, an aspirant remains independent. He does not take anybody’s help, does his work himself, and does not pass on his responsibility on others shoulders. In other words we can call him independent. Thus, through the two examples of lotus leaf and sky, importance of an aspirant’s life is revealed – his two inspiring traits have been shown so that the new aspirants may get inspired. They are – detachment and self-dependence.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/5

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  1. samani satya pragya
    Apr 11, 2012 #

    nice effort to spread jainism

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