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Inner purity

Inner purity

उदगस्स फासेण सिया य सिद्धी,
सिज्झंसु पाणा बहवे दगंसि

If purity were possible with the touch of water (bathing), then many water-beings would have got liberated

Many people think that they have purified themselves by bathing. Such people have blind faith. They do not understand that there is a lot of difference between body cleaning and self- cleaning. Many people though clean their body; their mind remains impure. Opposite to this, body of men may remain dirty but their soul remains pure. Amongst these two type of people, with whom would you like to be friendly? Whom would you like to believe? Naturally, one with the pure mind. This clearly establishes the importance of mental purity.

If bathing were criteria of mental purity then water-beings like big whales to the smallest would have got liberated since long. Necessary condition of liberation is – inner purity.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/7/14

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