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Karma influx (asrava), stopping (samvara)

Karma influx (asrava), stopping (samvara)

समुप्पायमजाणंता, कहं नायंति संवरं|

How can an ignorant understand stopping of karma (Samvara) without knowing its influx (asrava)

Imagine a big lake and a floating boat in which many people are sitting. Slowly the boat starts sinking. Water starts entering the boat. Out of fear, people on the boat start yelling, “Stop this incoming water anyway; plug this incoming of water anyhow.”

What we have to realize is that water which is coming in will not stop by mere yelling. Then, how can that be plugged? It is clear that first, the source of incoming of water would have to be found and then it would have to be plugged. Then only, inflow of water will stop entering the boat.

This world is also like a lake. Karma (water) enters the soul (boat). Stopping of that inflow is called ‘samvara’. However, he only can stop the inflow who knows its source because one who does not know the source of influx (asrava), how can he know its stopping (samvara)?

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/1/3/10

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