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Fear not

Fear not

ण भाइयव्वं, भीतं खु भया अइंति लहुयं

One should not be afraid; fear comes fast to the fearful

He only fears who is guilty, sinner or killer. Thieves and immoral characters are always fearful since they do not want others to see them anywhere, anytime and not be caught red handed in their respective acts. A liar is also afraid of the truth coming out, fearful of the loss of belief in him. Their fear is for good; because it saves them from committing sins.

However, those who are innocent, sinless, true, honest, gentle men, they also are afraid of the unknown – accusations, criticism by the evil-man, hardships, and natural calamities. This is bad – is a sign of cowardice. Along with patience, forbearance and amiability, fearlessness is also a necessary attribute of a brave man. A fearful man is always pressurized, and is made more and more fearful.

Therefore, it is said that fear attacks the fearful fast. Hence, we should never be afraid.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/2

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