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Goddess Ahimsa

Goddess Ahimsa

भगवती अहिंसा…. भीयाणं पि व सरणं

Goddess Ahimsa is like refuge for the fearful

A troubled fearful man looks for his safety to a strong man for refuge. After getting refuge the refugee gets contented, becomes fearless; similarly, after getting the refuge of goddess Ahimsa also, man becomes contented and fearless.

Refuge also means home. As man takes refuge in the home to escape from cold, heat, rain, storm etc., so also to escape from future hardships, troubles, and oppressions, refuge of goddess Ahimsa must be taken.

Result of violence is sin and sin results in pain. If one does not want to invite troubles, then he should try to escape from sins. To escape from sins he would have to give up violence. He would have to resolve that he will not hurt or kill any living being through mind, speech and body either directly, through someone or approve the acts of anyone engaged in such acts.

He only is true devotee of goddess Ahimsa who resolves thus.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/1

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