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Will not repeat the mistake

Will not repeat the mistake

तं परिण्णाय मेहावी, इयाणिं णो,
जमहं पुव्वमकासो पमाएणं

A bright aspirant, through self-realization, should resolve not to repeat the mistakes committed due to un-vigilance in the past life

It is said that man learns by stumbling only. Every fall teaches him something or other, makes him learn; but to take lessons or not from failures depend on his wish. One, who is endowed with intelligence and is wise, growth and living with such desires are possible in him.

Man is an object of mistakes. It is natural that he makes mistakes; and due to carelessness he continues to make mistakes. However, to repeat a mistake is inappropriate and is a sign of foolishness. To make mistakes is not as bad as its repetition.

Continuing to make mistakes and rectifying them can make one slowly-slowly realize the object of purifying his entire life. That is why the aspirant must resolve not to repeat his mistakes.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/1/4

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