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Interest in the work

Interest in the work

किरियं च रोयए धीरो

Resolute take interest in their work

A child does not drink milk because it gives strength to his body. He drinks that only because he likes it and finds it sweet.

Children or young people do not play because playing is an exercise and exercise keeps their body strong; but they play only because playing gives them pleasure.

Every work of life should be seen from this point of view only. An endeavor is never wasted, its result will surely be got; but why should we deprive ourselves the pleasure of self-exertion?

Those unfortunates who believe work as a burden never derive pleasure out of work and think that they have to forcibly do a particular work. They cannot take interest in doing that work.

Those who do not take interest in their work, they can never perform well. The resolute men i.e., men of resolution take interest in their work and take it as a game. Hence, they enjoy its working and success too.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 18/33

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