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Take no interest in enmity

Take no interest in enmity

वैराइं कुव्वइ वेरो,
तओ वेरेहिं रज्जति

An enemy nurtures enmity and takes interest only in that

Blood spot is not washed by blood. It can be washed by water. Similarly, enmity cannot be overcome by enmity. That can be won through peace, forgiveness, forbearance, love. However, some persons are such that they want to conquer enmity with enmity. Such people want to extinguish fire by kerosene, not through water. What sort of foolishness is this?

More horrifying than this is that few persons are hostile by nature . They are not able to digest their food until they do not quarrel in neighborhood or elsewhere for something or the other. Mistakenly, they think that by fighting and winning that, they would get respect from the family members and others and their superiority would be established; but the fact is that people want to keep away from such persons. For their selfish reasons, dupers or sycophants might praise them for their actions but such persons cannot be loved heartedly. Love can be had from a lover only and only a lover can get that, it cannot be got from an enemy or those who take interest in enmity.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/8/7

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  1. swati shah
    Dec 23, 2012 #

    Jainisum knowledge is right way to teach to walk in right direction in our life.thanx for knowledge.

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