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Do not have enmity, opposition

Do not have enmity, opposition

न विरुज्झेज्ज केण वि

Do not nurture enmity or opposition against anyone

Favorable and unfavorable circumstances are obtained depending on the Karma done in the previous birth. Deluded, people think a particular man as their adversary, enemy and responsible for all the ills, and originator for all their adverse circumstances. Nevertheless, the fact is not this. We are responsible for all our ills – our karma of the previous birth. If good karma are evolved then favorable conditions would emerge and if bad karma are evolved then adverse conditions would surround us from all sides.

In this way, the responsibility of adverse conditions and pain lies on our own karma, not on other people. In such a situation, how can our useless quarrel be called justified with anyone thinking other as an opponent, evil or an opponent? Showing the right path to the practitioners of good conduct and contentment, wise man say – keep friendship with all do not nurture enmity with anyone.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/11/12

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