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Happiness of the sadhus

Happiness of the sadhus

महप्पसाया इसिणो हवंति

Sadhus are always happy

In life, sometimes, circumstances are favorable, sometimes unfavorable. Those who lose their cool or whose mental equilibrium is lost in adverse conditions, they cannot be happy. Those are also restless who pay their attention on collection the objects of senses that give only momentary satisfaction. Fire of craving burns the mental peace and reduces it to ashes. Because of longing, a millionaire wants to be a billionaire and a billionaire wants to be a man of trillion and the supreme man of the country. The supreme man of one nation wants to have his authority on the world. Thus, craving never lets a man peaceful.

Acharyas, monks, sadhus, saints do not become restless under adverse conditions – they do not lose their mental balance – instead of applying their mind in the procurement of sense-objects, they employ it for improving good qualities and always keep away from desires. In this way, there being no reason to make them restless and disturb their peace, they always remain cheerful – happy.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 12/31

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