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Infinite Happiness Should Not Be Destroyed

Infinite Happiness Should Not Be Destroyed

माएयं अवमन्जंता, अप्पेणं लुंपहा बहुं

For little sensual pleasures, do not forsake the right path and destroy infinite bliss

What will you think of him who picks up a pebble instead of the diamond? You will think that he is a fool. People who follow the forbidden path instead of the righteous path are such fools.

There are sensual attractions on the forbidden path, whereas they are missing on the virtuous path. Sensual pleasures can be easily obtained but are momentary. Against this, happiness of liberation, which is permanent, can be acquired only by strenuous practice but is permanent and infinite.

Before attaining salvation, wise men enjoying imaginary happiness continue to progress on the path of liberation.

They only advice the person treading the evil path – “For little pleasures, do not destroy infinite happiness.”

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/3/4/7

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