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Infinite Desires

Infinite Desires

इच्छा हु आगाससमा अणंतया

Human desires are infinite like an ocean

Why are we unhappy? We are unhappy because we desire something. What does this mean? Desires in itself are sorrowful. It means that there is only pain until there are desires. Whosoever desires for more and more, is always unhappy. Why are these desires born? Experiencing the feeling of void within oneself causes evolution of desires. What is the reason for this emptiness? It is the ignorance of reality of self. Understanding the reality is all happiness.

Until the person is ignorant of the reality of self, he gets lost in the outside world in search of happiness.

For this he looks for worldly pleasures, where there is no real happiness; there exists only a shadow of happiness, which is temporary and unstable. Again, when is the mind fully satisfied by sensual pleasures? Desires are born one after another; big desires are born after the fulfillment of small desires.

That is why all endeavors to satisfy ones desires fail.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 6/48

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  1. vinod jain
    Jul 29, 2013 #

    if we dont accept anything from others we will be happy.
    if we have more acceptance from others we will be always unhappy.
    this the law of life.

  2. Mangal Bahnshali
    Feb 2, 2019 #

    Please let me know which Agams (Like Uttaradhayn, Sutrakritang etc) you have in “HINDI”.

  3. ranka
    Oct 9, 2019 #

    When we expect from others and we get it means we are happy
    other we are unhappy

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