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Complete on time

Complete on time

जेहिं काले परक्कंतं,
न पच्छा परितप्पए

Those who are able to finish their work on time, they do not regret later

Those who are not able to finish their job on time, they regret later. What is the use? The plant, which was not watered before its getting withered, will it get green with regretting later. Never.

That student who does not study and neglects his studies throughout the year thinking that examination is still far away – one year is remaining – eleven months are remaining – ten months are remaining, … two months are remaining, full thirty days are remaining, now twenty-four hours remaining, fools himself. I can study anytime – what is the great hurry. He spends his time in playing, gossiping, can he then ever pass his examinations?

Therefore, the wise men have said that whatever duty is before you, complete it without being lethargic so that you do not regret later.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/3/4/15

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