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Neither satisfaction, nor contentment

Neither satisfaction, nor contentment

देवावि सइंदगा न तित्तिं न तुट्ठिं उवलभन्ति

Gods (devatas including Indras, their chief, who live in the heavens) also are neither satisfied nor contented with sense gratification

There are five organs of senses and their objects are different. Throughout life, man runs after acquisition of these objects. Having satisfied one sense, he struggles to satisfy the second sense and after that the third and the fourth and the fifth respectively.Again, the first one is ready with fresh demands. Thus, man gets vexed in meeting their demands; but he is not able to satisfy the demands of any one permanently. Again, the satisfaction derived from sense gratification is also fleeting, not permanent.

A true happiness is only that which never perishes. Such happiness is not derived from sense satisfaction but from their denial only.

In this world, living beings have to gather the objects of senses, but in heaven gods and Indras get all their desires fulfilled easily; still, wise men say that Indras along with devas are never satisfied or contented; then, what to talk about worldly beings?

- Prasnavyakarana 1/5

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