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Happy and unhappy

Happy and unhappy

खणमित्तसुक्खा बहुकालदुक्खा

Sense gratifications provide momentary pleasures but yield pain for long time

Night after the day and day after the night or light after the darkness and darkness after the light; similarly unhappiness after happiness and unhappiness after happiness continue to appear in life. Sometimes, we smile at favorable conditions, and cry at unfavorable condition.

That pleasure which comes and goes is transitory and is obtained due to the enjoyment of sensual objects. For short time, they make us joyful, give us satisfaction but for long time they hurt us.

Wise men say that there is one more type of happiness – spiritual happiness, which is attained from within, without outside aid, and is permanent. That is attainable by realizing the self and reflecting on that. With endeavor, everyone can acquire that. We have to strive for that only, not for momentary happiness dependent on sense gratification.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 14/13

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  1. Sugyan Modi
    Jun 4, 2013 #

    जीवन सुख-दुख की पूर्वजन्मउपार्जित गठड़ी हैं.

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