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Doer enjoyer

अप्पा कत्ता विकत्ता य, दुहाण या सुहाण च

Self only is the doer and experiencer of happiness and unhappiness

Pleasure and pain are the consequence of one’s own deeds; not of others.

We create happiness for ourselves when we do auspicious work and unhappiness when we do evil. Thus, we ourselves are responsible for our happiness and unhappiness.

The happiness and unhappiness is created by us only; therefore, we only experience them.

Creation is a different attribute and enjoyment different. It may be that one makes a bread but not eat and throw the same. Clean and happy environment is created because of our good work. Still, it may be that one continues to cry mindful of unfulfilled desires. Likewise, even though one might have created an ugly, unfavorable environment by his ill deeds, he continues to smile on his partial success.

Thus, self only is doer and experiencer of his own happiness and unhappiness.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 20/37

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