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Neither commit sins, nor have it done

Neither commit sins, nor have it done

पावकम्मं नेव कुज्जा न कारवेज्जा

Sins should neither be committed by self, nor should be done through others

Result of virtue is happiness and result of vice is pain. Everyone wants happiness, then also they are lazy in doing virtuous acts; no body wants pain; yet carefully, they use the medium of pain or take pleasure in sins. How strange is this?

Many people are such that they do not themselves commit sins but provoke others in their implementation. Exactly like persons, who keep away from quarrels or fights but instigate others to fight. Poor fellows get hurt and bloodied and they watch the fun. This is bad. To fight is bad, to make others fight also is bad and to instigate to fight also is bad. Likewise, to commit sins is also awful and make others commit sins also.

As per the wise men those who wish to be happy, they should neither commit sins, nor make others commit the same.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/6

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