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Contented do not commit sins

Contented do not commit sins

सन्तोसिणो नो पकरेंति पावं

Contented do not commit sins

Greed is the root of sins. The more he earns, the more he is inclined to commit sins; because his greed grows in proportion to his profits, which prompts him to adopt wrong and unjust means.

Greed is a fire, which burns everyone’s heart. Fire is never satisfied however much you might feed it. Greed is also never satiated however much you may provide for. One who has nine, he thinks it would better if he has ten. One who has ninety-nine, he thinks it would be better if he could have hundred. Similarly, the one who has thousands, he wants to have millions, and one who has millions wants to have billions. This only is called the wheel of ninety-nine. Whosoever is stuck in this wheel, he commits sins, on the contrary, one who is not entangled in this wheel, who is religious, not greedy, why will he commit sins?

Wise men have rightly said that contented do not commit sins.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/12/95

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