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Old age

Old age

से ण हासाए, ण किड्डाए,
ण रतीए, ण विभूसाए

In old age, man is neither capable of joking, nor playing, nor loving and nor beautifying

After having taken birth, each man passing respectively through childhood, youth and adulthood attains to old age. If a young man does not want to become an adult, it is not in his hand. After young age, adulthood is must. Similarly, old age is also must, which ruins the beauty, weakens the senses, depletes the bodily strength. In that stage, man cannot joke, nor can play or participate in games, nor is capable of amorous activities, and also does not enjoy beautiful dresses or adorning himself too. In that condition, diseases also attack him quickly and lying down in a comer of his home, he waits for his end. Such is the old age!

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/1

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