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Old oxen

Old oxen

तत्थ मंदा विसीयंति, उज्जाणंसि जरग्गवा

Like an old oxen on the climh, ignorant men get irritated on the path of realization

Lot of patience is required to walk on the path of realization. Difficulties, worries, and hindrances come on their path. Wise aspirants believe that all the troubles arise to test their patience. That is why, to win over them enough enthusiasm is aroused in them.

Nevertheless, how do the ignorant feel? Men of experience say that like the old oxen they feel sad, distressed; while climbing a steep path, ignorant, cowards are pained, disappointed at facing the obstructions on the path of realization of their goal, and some are so much frustrated that being restless they turn their face and walk on the wrong path. Such people are not young but old oxen.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/3/2/21

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