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Do Not Accept in Excess

Do Not Accept in Excess

नाइमत्तपाणभोयणभोई से निग्गंथे

‘Nirgrantha’ is the one who does not take Food and water in excess

There are many people, who take excess food and liquid due to their taste and then fall sick for a long time and suffer.

Someone has rightly said that whatever we eat, 2/3rd of it keeps us alive and the rest 1/3rd keeps the doctor alive. It is clear that by eating more than necessary, diseases take birth and from the fee earned due to the treatment of diseases the doctors survive.

If we take our meals in the right quantity as required, then health remains within our control. To do this, we will have to control our tongue. We can at least hope from them, who are restrained, – Sadhus, Nirgranthas, – that they will take limited food and liquid and will not try to consume more for appeasing their taste.

That is why it is said that a Nirgrantha never takes excess food and liquid.

-Acaranga Sutra 2/3/15/14

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  1. Bhavesh
    Dec 2, 2011 #

    Very correctly said and so true.

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