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Restrain the taste

Restrain the taste

अप्पपिण्डासि पाणासि अप्पं भासेज्ज सुव्वए

Well-vowed aspirant should take less food, water and speak less

The tongue has two jobs – to taste and to speak. Both require great restraint.

Those, under the influence of taste senses, who cannot control their food and liquid intake, become a victim of diseases. Because of sickness, they lose strength; body is weakened. Illnesses attack weak men fast. Hence, one or the other disease always accompanies them. Throughout life, because of various diseases they continue to pay doctors’ bills; but a little thought of controlling their taste does not strike their mind.

In the same way great restraint is necessary while speaking. Those who talk much cannot keep anything under wraps and sometimes letting out secret can cause great harm. Restraint men always present themselves in few words after weighing their importance.

Similarly, well-vowed keep taste sense (tongue) under restrain.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/8/25

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