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Quantity of food intake

Quantity of food intake

माइ असणपाणस्स

Know the quantity of food intake

The gluttony knows not the quantity of food he should take. He is not kind to his stomach and fills it to the brim. Nature does not forgive such a man. It results in indigestion, which is the root of all diseases.

The same can be said about drinking things also, which we drink. A man with taste for drinks is even more careless about the quantity of drinking. Mistakenly, he believes that the drinking things will be easily digested. He sees many things being sold in the market e.g. curd lassi, milk, squash, soda, lemon, cola drinks, tea, coffee, honey, wine, sugarcane juice and hundreds of others and for satiation of his taste continues to drink one after another. He forgets that the stomach has to work even to digest these drinks. If not digested, even these drinks cause many diseases and affected men are forced to call on doctors’ doors.

Wise men take only appropriate quantity of food and drink, not more.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 2/3

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