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What is Renunciation?

Renunciation means to become completely detached from all sinful actions caused by all kinds of delusions. Such a person does not entertain sinful thoughts, does not utter sinful words and does not commit any sinful action by means of his body, mind and soul. Not only he completely refrains from all kinds of sin but also does not be an abettor of sin that might be committed by others. If anyone commits a sinful action, he does not countenance it nor does he acquiesce in it.

When a woman or man renounces wordly life and all wordly attachments and is initiated into Samyagdharma or the way of discipline and austerity, the man is called Sadhu or ascetic or Sramana or Muni and the woman is called Sadhvi or Sramani or Arya.

Those who get initiated into the life of discipline and austerity and become Sadhus and Sadhvis must take a vow to act strictly in accordance with the five great austerities.

Five special kinds of vows – Mahavrata:
1) Pranatipataviramana Mahavrata – Non-violence
2) Mrsavadaviramana Mahavrata – Truthfulness
3) Adattadanaviramana Mahavrata – Non-stealing
4) Maithunaviramana Mahavrata – Celibacy
5) Parigrahaviramana Mahavrata – Non-attachment / Non-possession

1) Virmanvrata – No eating after sunset / Ratri bhojan tyag

1. Guidelines of Jainism

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  1. Jinalay Osian
    Feb 10, 2012 #


  2. Arihant Jain
    Feb 10, 2012 #

    Truely awesome

  3. Neeta Jain
    Feb 12, 2012 #

    Very nice

  4. ajit jain
    Jun 12, 2012 #

    Diksha is a unique and rare process of making the life of a disciple more pure, more enlightened and more successful. Generally a human being remains under the sway of bad karmas of past lives which do not allow him to make the desired level of progress in spite of hard work and sincere efforts.

    In such cases nothing can work better than Dikshas to remove the baneful effects of past Karmas and propel a Sadhak onwards on the path of success. Just as a cloth has to be washed thoroughly to free it of stubborn stains similarly Diksha is a method adopted by a Guru to free the disciple of his mental, physchological and physical drawbacks so that he could make good progress with a free mind in the spheres of spiritualism and materialism.

    Nov 4, 2012 #

    Dev guru agnathi share the experience of “Anand anand paramanand” without guru life is like milk without cream and after guru life is creamy that too with accepting 5 mahavratas which every one should have in their lives truely, in this avasarpini kaal only a guru can let u out of your sins which u dont dare to commit and without commiting theres no way escape even though u read many mythological and knowledeble books, its good to attain knowlede but a same time without wasting time immediately work on it dont waste time.

  6. jinali khushboo jain
    Jun 2, 2014 #

    Diksha is not a game of common ppl , it is purely attained by great souls ….jo is sansar ke athve ajubhe ki tarah jaane jaathe hai

  7. harshad shah
    Apr 4, 2018 #

    my ph.d. is going on subject matter bal diksha.
    to understand diksha one has to pass thro all preliminary requisites mentioned in scriptures. its a wonderful management of life to acquire permanent happiness.
    i will write more in details, meantime request everyone to learn 5 pratikraman sutras with meaning during chidhood or asap.

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