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How to study?

How to study?

Stop disrespecting knowledge & knowledgeable people. Increase your inner strength & mental level

Like each day today too Sandeep sat down to study in the evening. Despite studying for one and a half hour he was not able to understand and remember anything. He got nervous as next day he had an exam. He thought that why I do not get good marks even after studying so hard?

Sandeep was always humiliated in the class for he never followed what the teacher taught. He thought that do I lack brains? With folded hands he asked Prem Gurudev, “Guruji, Why my brains do not work? Why am I considered foolish?”

In a sweet tone Gurudev replied, “Try to remember Sandeep whether you’ve ever shown disrespect towards your teacher? Have you made fun of them? criticized or cursed your teacher? Have you ever gossiped about some intelligent student? Have you ever disturbed anyone while they were studying? Have you thrown or shown anger towards some book of knowledge? You destroy your knowledge if you show disrespect, discourtesy, jealousy, hatred, be destructive or angry towards knowledge.

How to study?
Relaxing, watching television, listening to music while studying, sitting on books, tearing pages, wearing clothes with alphabets, copying, burning books without reason, making boats or helicopter of pages and playing with them, hiding others books, disturbing others in their study, keeping things related to knowledge with disrespect hampers the growth of our brains and intelligence. To become intelligent first respect the books of knowledge and people. Study with concentration.”

Always read good literature if you want to succeed. Change will come in life style. Never will you lose your smile. Avoid filthy book which will only damage your knowledge. A good book is a faithful friend of you. Deeds & thinking will be pure.

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