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Don’t judge a book by its cover

Dont judge a book by its cover

The blessings of elders increase knowledge

Dirty photos, posters of films, pictures of hero and heroine should not be put up in a classroom, stuck on books and used as book covers. Always remember God before reading. Blessings of elders bring peace and concentration in your heart.

While reading and teaching face the eastern side. While writing, face the northern side. Reading and memorizing should be done in the morning, while writing and thinking should be done in the evening. Face the wall while studying so that you can concentrate well. Are you a child, teenager, young person, middle aged or old? If your posture is not correct then you will feel lazy and your progress will be hampered. Sit with you back straight. This will help you to be clever and healthy.

Always start your studies by remembering God. By doing so your concentration will increase and this will help you to study better. – While reading, writing or giving exams in subjects as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Marathi, French etc. meditate at least 5 times on your God’s name or say the Navkar mantra. – While studying subjects like Social Studies, Science, History etc. First meditate on God’s name for 7 times and immediately start studying. – While studying subjects like Geography, Mathematics, Commerce, Accounts, Computers etc., Meditate on God’s name 9 times.

Dont judge a book by its cover
By doing so you will feel that your grasping power has increased. Make a study time table and follow it strictly. Learn the difficult subjects in the morning. Learn one subject each day at the same time. Like, if you have decided to study English at 6 o’ clock in the morning then study English at 6 a.m. next day you may learn Science and the maths on the next day. Read each paragraph, shut your eyes and recollect the same or repeat it in front of the wall. Still if you do not remember it means you have not concentrated enough.

Reread the paragraph. Shut your eyes and remember it….Remembered!!! Now read the next paragraph and repeat the process. Once your lesson is completed, shut your eyes and remember the whole lesson. If you are able to recollect it then you are progressing. Narrate the whole lesson to your friend. By doing so, you will be revising the lesson again and you will not forget it for a long time. Your friend too will be inspired to study. Place a yellow colour table cloth on your study table or desk. Yellow colour strengthens the memory.

Do you like spicy food? Yes, but are you aware that it affects your body and memory? So watch out!!! Children, these are your days of playing and fun but modern education system has ruined your childhood. To have a good career you will have to make sacrifices. It’s a compulsion but you should not neglect your health and happiness. I am giving you a few tips here to make your mind and body strong. Instead of watching television, videos or serials, you should play outdoor games with your friends. This will strengh then your body and you will feel happy. If you get bored of studying then instead of lazing around spend time with you parents, grandparents, and other elders or have fun with younger people in your family. This will refresh your mind. You will enjoy studying after that.

Do good – Always read Good literature
See good – If you want to succeed
Be good – Change will come in lifestyle
This is the path of god – Never will you lose your smile. Always avoid filthy books. They are sure to corrupt you.

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