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Work on time

Work on time

काले कालं समायरे

At proper time, appropriate work must be done

We do drink water when we are hungry and do not eat when we are thirsty; because that is inappropriate. Similarly, to eat at time of play, and to study at time of eating or play at the time of studying is also inappropriate.

To work on time is the character of nature which it itself takes full care. The sun neither rises in the evening nor sets in the morning. After the old age, childhood does not come, nor does old age come immediately after childhood. In between, young age has to be crossed.

Rains do not fall untimely i.e. it rains only during rainy season, neither during winter, nor during summer. We should also follow these rules of nature; otherwise, nature will immediately punish us. What will happen at a time when we feel going to bathroom, but instead sit down to eat for enjoying the taste ? We would be filling the stomach in one way and in another way, nature would force it out and the accompanying dirty odor will spoil the taste of food. Therefore, we should always do everything on time.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/31

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