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Benefits of forgiving

Benefits of forgiving

खमावणयाएणं पल्हायणभावं जणयइ

Happiness emerges out of forgiving

If someone offends us, we are capable of punishing him but instead of punishing him we pardon him, let him free then both the offender and the one against whom offence was committed would feel happy.

The offender would feel happy because he escapes the punishment. The person against whom the offence was done would be happy because by pardoning the offender he has created an image of magnanimity in the heart of the offender. He has made a friend out of an offender, reformed him or has given him another chance to improve.

If the forgiven man were improved then he would feel grateful to the forgiver throughout his life, wherever he would be he would praise the forgiver, remain grateful, be humble towards him and by his good behavior inspire the forgiver to forgive other guilty men. Thus, we should take benefit of the happiness derived out of forgiveness.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 26/17

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