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Birth of forgiveness

Birth of forgiveness

कोहविजएणं खंतिं जणयइ

Victory over anger is the father of forgiveness

Guilty wishes how good it would be if he were forgiven for the wrong committed. If the sinner were ashamed of his wrong doings – really repenting heartily to the offence committed then he should surely be forgiven.

Repentance with pure heart keeps a man away from wrong actions. He becomes good; the sinner become pious and the entire credit goes to the man who forgives.

Forgiving is the ornament of brave men – it is a sign of courage – it is an indicator of fearlessness. One who is possessed of shield of forgiving, the sword of anger can do no harm to him. However this virtue of forgiving takes birth only then when anger is conquered. Until anger be there, birth of forgiving is impossible. Anger and forgiving are mutually antagonist.

Keep control over your anger – conquer it and forgiving will evolve on its own.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 26/67

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