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Principled Livelihood

Principled Livelihood

धम्मेणं चेव वित्तिं कप्पेमाणा विहरंति

Good family-members lead religious life only

To live, food and water are needed; to rear the family, money is needed. It is different for ascetics; but for the family men money is required at every step. It is said that Sadhus who have money, are worthless; and if those who are running the family do not have the money, then they are worthless.

Work done for earning money is called livelihood. When the inclination to earn for rearing the family is bereft of violence, lies, fraud, sin then this inclination will be termed pure – as per religious commands.

Religion, wealth, desire and moksha are four exertions. In life, religion is required the most, it is placed first, wealth second. Wealth creation should be justifiable, as per religious requirements, then only it is pure – this is indicated by the sequence given. Good families’ livelihood is always as per religious principles.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 2/2/36

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