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Neither love, nor hate

Neither love, nor hate

सव्वं जगं तु समयाणुपेही,
पियमप्पियं कस्स वि नो करेज्जा

One who sees the entire world with equanimity, he neither favors nor disfavors anyone

Feelings are the inspiring agents of all our actions. If they are pure, then all our actions will be pure and if they are impure then our actions will be impure.

There are two reasons, which cause damage to purity and wholesomeness of feelings – attachment and aversion. One whom you like, love or affection is developed; and one whom you dislike, anger and meanness is generated. One is liked, other disliked.

Undue favors are done to one who is liked; undue disfavors are done against one who is not liked.

Devotees of omniscient, sadhus and sadhvis -constantly strive for lifting themselves above these dualities of favor and disfavor. In their inner self, they try to establish equanimity in place of favoritism. To those disinterested aspirants who see the entire world with impartiality, enlightened men have advised that they should neither favor nor disfavor anyone.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/10/6

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