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I am different

I am different

ए खलु कामभोगा, ओ अहमसि

Sense gratification is different, I am different

Melodious music, beautiful sights, scents, flower garlands, sweets, savories, touch of soft and cold, and other different attractive things of sense gratification are widely available throughout the world.

Most of the living beings strive for acquiring these things. After their acquisition, they enjoy that and also experience momentary pleasure; this only goes on throughout the life.

They ignore the spiritual path of permanent bliss, which Sadhus and saints recommend. They forget that sensual enjoyment is limited to the senses of the body only, but soul is independent of these. It is not for fleeting pleasures but only for the experience of enduring and eternal bliss. Each aspirant should reflect that these worldly enjoyments are different and I am different.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 2/1/13

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