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Firmness in the man of right perception

Firmness in the man of right perception

से दिट्ठिमं दिट्ठि न लूसएज्जा

An aspirant with right perception should not complain

Man of right vision should not be slack. Once anyone forms an opinion, then he sees likewise only. It simply means that if someone were enjoying the lush greenery of the season and then if he were to lose his sight or he lose his vision because of any accident then what will happen? For all the twelve months, he would be imagining the similar scenery. However, will that be the reality? No.

One whose vision is right, he knows that it cannot be said that a thing which is some where at that moment will be the same at different place, at different time.

A baby born ten year before who had no teeth and who was hardly able to walk on his knees, today he is able to bite his bread and is able to run because things change. A man of right perception neither has fixed attitude, nor do men of fixed ideas influence him. He remains firm on his convictions.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/14/25

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